Nuestro Compromiso

Para construir en la sostenibilidad en todos los aspectos de nuestro trabajo, nos hemos comprometido a:

Proteger el medio ambiente

  • Uso responsable de los recursos naturales
  • Prevención de contaminación
  • Posicionándonos como lideres en la industria con practicas y políticas medioambientales

Investing in our people

  • Actively encouraging diversity and inclusion
  • Developing talent and creating personal development opportunities for everyone
  • Listening to our employees and delivering on our employment promise

Ensuring the highest safety standards

  • Meeting and exceeding best safety policy and practice
  • Identifying and controlling health and safety risks
  • Supplying, providing and maintaining safe equipment

Building a vibrant, secure and resilient society

  • Building  social infrastructure
  • Strategic community investment
  • Strategically partnering with organisations on issues of importance to the industry